ITA Stakes N250, 000 For Juniors To Win Senior Tournament


The International Tennis Academy (ITA) has announced a grant of N250, 000 to any junior tennis player who plays in the CBN Junior Tennis Championship and wins the senior event in the same year.

Godwin Kienka, director of the ITA said that it was a very realistic and achievable dream of the Academy.

“This is a target, a dream if you like, that is achievable. At the level the top juniors are playing right now, they only need big hearts and correct guidance to excel at the senior level.

“Last year, Moses Michael, 18 and Sylvester Emmanuel, 17 won the Lagos Governors Cup and the Ikoyi Club Masters respectively. At the CBN Juniors this April we had Martins Abamu, Chris Bulus and Chris Itodo playing at a level that can match any of the seniors. With the girls we need another year for Angel Mcleod and Marylove Edwards to challenge for titles at the senior level.”

According to the ITA director, the feat achieved by Michael and Emmanuel was made possible by hard work and the right guidance from Babatunde Abbey, a very knowledgeable and hard working coach.

” We hope the stake will get the attention of the juniors and make them work towards
winning a senior championship.” Mr kienka said.


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